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Simply visit the iOS App Store or the Google PlayStore and download the MyStorPal app.
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•Find MyStorPal by XPS Solutions in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and Select/Install, then Open.
•Click the Sign Up link at the bottom of the screen.
•Click “Find my storage unit”, then enter the zip code of your rental facility.
•Choose your storage facility from the list and click Select.
•Enter the phone number on your account, then click “Link Account”.  (Pro tip for Android users -  If you don’t see the green Link Storage Account button, you may need to click on the white space or press Done on your keypad to close it. For iOS users, click in the “white space” to close your keypad)
•Verify that the units listed belong to you, then click “Next – Verify Units”.
•You will receive a one-time password at the Email address on your account. (See next page for sample.)
•Now create your login by using your Email address and a password that you’ll easily remember.
•Enter and confirm the password by entering it a second time then enter the one-time password sent to your Email and click “Create Account”. 
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